REI decorative fittings for manufacturers of traditonal furniture

Traditional brings to mind quality, refinement and durability. Refinement. If we say the phrase ‘traditional furniture’, we get rooms full of distinction, places that feel exclusive in every way.

Adding to classic + furniture Reunion Industrial’s (REI) decorative fittings is to cross a threshold, to achieve a level of distinction available to few. It is like finding the combination to open the safe holding the most prized furniture, on account of the quality of the materials, the uniqueness of the designs and the careful use of exquisite traditional fittings from REI’s catalogue.

Traditional furniture is a safe bet, that’s been shown.

The quality of materials and probably also the security and comfort offered by timeless designs.

A design that remained unchanged?

No, that’s a myth. And manufacturers of traditional furniture know that.

And manufacturers of decorative hardware do too.

Especially manufacturers who like REI pay constant attention to changes, nuances and shifts in the furniture market. Who pay attention to the hottest fashions, to practical designs and, naturally, to successive interpretations and reinterpretations of the traditional, of traditional designs, the infinite combinations open to a manufacturer of traditional furniture to increase the value of its furniture with decorative fittings that match the design, quality and materials the manufacturer offers.

Who to? Well, to consumers who are often far from the stereotypical buyer of traditional furniture.

That was a long time ago – and if you press me, maybe a very long time ago.

Any manufacturer of decorative hardware who believes that traditional furniture has remained unchanged for centuries, since the very dawn of the furniture manufacturing industry such that the hardware that they have had in their catalogue since forever is sufficient to meet the expectations of manufacturers of traditional furniture and their customers, is out of touch with reality and could not be more mistaken.

And other decorative hardware manufacturers who have their finger on the pulse of today’s world know that, even if others do not.

They know that some of their competitors face the future rooted in a past that has faded away and has no ongoing relevance to the present. No longer listed.

Manufacturers like REI know that and as shown by their catalogues of traditional furniture fittings. They develop continuously, like their other offerings but in a different way.

Because REI’s decorative fittings for traditional furniture are unique, they have, a dynamism that is different from the rest of the range, a dynamism that has its own rhythm, its own rules, like traditional furniture that is comforting, instils confidence and generates a feeling of solidity… even if it does change, because it changes.

Traditional furniture appears to be constant, which is part of its charm and strong attraction for customers who want to create a unique home, to have a traditional, exclusive look. Nowadays that also means sophistication because, as noted, the traditional furniture of a few decades ago is not exactly the same as today’s traditional furniture, albeit some individual pieces may be the identical.

Today, a piece of traditional furniture must have the features that make it traditional with designs that evoke times of security and yet betray them a little. Excellent raw materials that must be from accredited sustainable sources and show that little touch or nuance, the slight risk that gives brings a design into the 21st century… and that not only does not detract from the piece’s traditional character, but also enhances it and makes it exclusive.

And that can be achieved,that is achieved, by adding to the traditional furniture of the 21st century accessories that enhance its traditional character and, at the same time, makes increases the exclusiveness of a tradition that will continue into the future.

It’s not a joke, we know that the combination can work because REI has shown with its decorative hardware for traditional furniture, which can deliver.

At this stage of the game, in full twenty-first century, it is not enough to talk about furniture being traditional, we have to add fittings that make the furniture from the best manufacturer of traditional furniture into timeless classics, into timeless classics and that year after year demonstrate that this magic, this attraction between traditional furniture and the fittings that go with it, can be repeated.

And yes, it will be a classic.

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