DIY and decoration align with decorative fittings

DIY and decoration align with decorative fittings

DIY and decoration.

The only thing left to do is write them a song, and don’t be surprised, because it’ll probably end up happening.

DIY and decoration, decoration and DIY have been united, together and mixed up ever since art began to have a place in everyday life; to put it another way, since always.

Art: An activity where human beings recreate, for an aesthetic purpose, an aspect of reality or a feeling, in beautiful forms using materials, image or sound.

So, doesn’t it all fit?

After such a long story, of complicities, of breakups caused by following different trends (brief, of course, because their long history has made it clear that they can’t live without each other, that’d be impossible), after passionate reunions and so many “start overs”, there’s no option but to accept, no questions asked, that DIY and decoration have been, are, and will be the couple of the moment.

And as a truly close friend – one of those friends who makes sure that their friends who’ve got together continue to live their precious and more than perfect story, and gives achieving that their best effort – decorative fittings are front of the queue, as a concept, as a revulsive, as a support, as an impulse, as an accomplice, and even as an awkward guest when DIY and decoration have one of their rare and brief misunderstandings.

DIY, decoration and decorative fittings… so is it a trio we should be talking about? We could do that, but it wouldn’t be accurate. It wouldn’t match up to reality, because DIY and decoration are, almost always, two in one, and decorative fittings go their own way. They have their own essence, their independence in terms of trends, their ability to transform the atmosphere of a room, a piece of furniture or a drawer, simply with their special and non-transferable touch.

So no, we’re not talking about a trio. We’re talking about two plus one and a stand-alone one: decorative fittings. These are independent enough to be able to simultaneously be part of that couple that DIY and decoration make up and, at the same time, to transform it with a daring nuance, with a tempting touch for either one of them.

They say that two’s company and three’s a crowd, and sometimes that may be true. But in this case, it’s definitely not.

Right now, we’re experiencing a particularly sweet moment that proves just that. In the second decade of the 21st century, DIY, decoration and decorative hardware have aligned to create together, to diversify into different trends, to renew atmospheres, spaces and environments with a transformational capacity that has convinced all the muses of Olympus to follow and inspire them.

The trio, which isn’t such a trio after all, is on a roll.

Sometimes, we feel the irrepressible need to renew our surroundings, to give them a new look and, often, we resort to changing up the furniture (even if it’s only altering where it’s positioned), to new lighting or to updating the upholstery… but what happens when the stars align, like millennial constellations, and a new group of celestial and luminous bodies appears? Well, we have to seize the opportunity while it lasts, no more and no less, lest it be a shooting star or a comet that won’t visit us again for decades.

That’s the moment we’re living through. That’s your moment to make a three-way bet. There’s no risk; we’ve already seen that the stars are smiling down on us.

Decoration has understood the sign of the times and has captured the need, the pleasure and the interest in creating personalised, special and unique places.

DIY has understood the challenge, and has taken up the gauntlet. You just have to take a look at the sales rooms of DIY companies to realise that a revolution has been launched. Customers have taken the reins; they want to contribute to this art form and be part of the changes that’ll be carried out in their homes (B2C), and in their professional spaces (B2B). In other words, ultimately, in their lives.

And (as if it would be any other way), decorative fittings are in the right place at the right time, as always, with their chameleon-like transformational capacity, with their overwhelming energy, contributing ideas here and there.

No matter how demanding, avant-garde or classic the customer is, there will always be a decorative fitting that fits their project, and enhances it.

And we’re not just talking about aesthetics.

Decorative fittings have been able to live up to the new and welcome industrial practices that demand, due to professional ethics, due to public demand and by right, a sustainable manufacturing process from start to finish; sustainable materials for a long-lasting result.

DIY, decoration and decorative fittings. It doesn’t matter if we see them as a trio, as a group or as a mathematical operation of 2+1. Because, among the three, there’s a synergy so special that it rises up to the shelves of the most demanding and respected sales rooms, and then lands, converted into diverse, artistic projects, in the homes of customers who’ve decided to take up the challenge as well, and contribute to giving their lives a fresh atmosphere.

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