Decorative bottle racks

In Rei we have developed a new range of decorative bottle racks for wine and champagne bottles.

We offer you a range of very decorative bottle racks. A trendy product, with a fantastic design and the best value for money, perfect to incorporate in your point of sale.

Ref. 1400.18

Industrial style, solid with an elegant design of simple lines. The 1400.18 can be stacked one on top of the other allowing for 3 bottles of wine or champagne per level.

Ref. 1401.18

Elegant, different and with slanted lines, the reference 1401.18 allows to place 2 bottles. A stable and very decorative bottle rack, perfect for any space.

Ref. 1402.18

With simple lines and providing great stability, the reference 1402.18 allows to display 3 bottles with a slight inclination. A practical and portable solution perfect for today’s consumer.

Designed to optimize the point of sale

We have different display solutions for any type of business and space. We have developed a packaging that protects the product and also facilitates its storage.

Not only is it beautiful, but it is also completely functional and makes the point of sale profitable by taking advantage of every centimeter of the display space. We also have independent promotional furniture.

Ideal for DIY projects

Combine them with our collection of steel legs and frames to create unique spaces full of personality and character.

Versatile and resistant

Products manufactured in Spain in steel to guarantee its resistance and a long life cycle, ideal to place in any surface and room.

Solutions for the professional sector

Our range of bottle racks is ideal to place in any type of space and interior design project: home, hospitality, catering, commercial spaces...


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