REI is a company with entirely Spanish capital, leader in Europe in the design, manufacture and distribution of hardware and accessories for furniture and decoration, both in the furniture and kitchen equipment industry and in the medium and large DIY distribution sector.

Our value creation model is based on a relationship of trust and transparency with our customers, with the commitment that people enjoy their homes with practical, decorative and sustainable solutions. Guaranteeing a continuous improvement in quality from the optimisation of our processes to the final delivery, complying with all the requirements (legal, health and safety, CoC…) as well as guaranteeing respect for the environment and working on a daily basis towards a more sustainable world.

The policy of the Integrated Management System aims to contribute to the sustainable growth model of Reunión Industrial S.L. in the field of culture of excellence and procedures with quality management, environmental management and Chain of Custody of materials. For this reason, the Management is committed to maintaining and improving the Integrated Management System based on the UNE International standards in ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015 / PEFC ST 2002:2020, so that our entire production system is sustainable and environmentally friendly. We are continuously committed to: the environment and compliance with applicable legal requirements and others that we voluntarily assume, the preservation of the environment and the responsible management of natural resources through the efficient management of resources, the minimisation of waste and the application of its Packaging Policy, compliance with social, health and safety requirements regarding child labour, forced labour, freedom of association and collective bargaining, equal opportunities and treatment, health and safety of workers.

Download PEFC Integrated Quality, Environment and CoC Policy document.