How can you use buying motivations to increase sales in the cold zone of your store?

How can you use buying motivations to increase sales in the cold zone of your store?

The first thing you need to do is to become aware of the unawareness of others.

And then take advantage of it to increase sales in the cold areas of your store, by making customers feel that they are in control.

Thus, the never-ending paradox: they love to be shown what they want to see but they have to feel that they are the ones who decide.

Neither assumption is false.

While studies insist that more than 90% of consumer purchases are made unconsciously, you already know that nothing is true and nothing is a lie, and that it only depends on the lens through which you look at it.

And yours is that of the clever businessman who, in the 21st century, knows how to take advantage of the resources that allow you to sell your products in the most intelligent and profitable way.

That is, more and better.

More because the amount of sales increases when the sales strategy is applied correctly and, better, because customers go home satisfied with the newly acquired product, with the service received and with the germ of the idea, even if they are not yet aware of it, of returning to your establishment at the first opportunity.

There is not much more, but what we have just shared with you is no small thing.

For today’s consumers, going to your store to buy a DIY product is much more than just making a purchase, it is exploring new territories, it is enjoying an experience: the experience of entering a place designed especially for them, where they will be the absolute protagonist of the process and where they will want to be the center of attention.

What can you do so that not only does he not leave disappointed, but that he establishes a loyal bond with your DIY store and becomes his first point of contact?

Build loyalty and, to do that, you are going to give him precisely what he is looking for when he comes to the cold area of your store, convinced that he is the one that sets the pace.

And what does a customer look for in the cold zone of your store? Well, what he thinks he wants, which he probably does, and what you know he’s going to buy, so you subtly lead him to it.

Let us explain.

In the cold zone there is a reserved space for customers who, with the right lure, will not be able to resist their impulses, those who cannot let an offer go. Just those who, when faced with a novelty, are clouded in their senses.

The lure does its part and pulls them, like an irresistible siren song, into the cold zone as they stroll through your store and make eye contact with the rest of the products you display.

And don’t lose sight of the other customers because the impulsive bargain hunters are not the only ones who, when they reach the cold zone, will feel that they have achieved a goal, that they will successfully accomplish the mission of buying the product they were looking for.

There are also those who are looking for high turnover products, simply because they need them.

They are those customers who, in order to acquire a very specific product, one of those that you know you are going to sell with certainty, in short, a product whose high level of sales is assured, will also cross your store from one end to the other.

And they have to feel it’s worth it.

They are looking for an experience, just like everyone else, but they haven’t realized it yet.

It is therefore of the utmost importance that the walk from end to end of your establishment becomes a pleasant stroll in which the stimuli received by the client seem more dedicated to him or her than a personalized Valentine’s Day card.

Yes, it is true, you are right, to achieve that with all customers is practically impossible, there is no resource that works for such a large group, but what about a strategy of successive resources, a strategy of crossed resources?

You need a tactic that is deployed using different means to achieve the goal of increasing sales in the cold zones of your store and, for this, you have a large battery of resources among which stand out the signage; ambient music and lighting; POS; brochures or TV screens.

Resources that you can modulate to reach the heart, to continue with the simile of Valentine’s Day, of all or almost all customers in a way that will seem absolutely individualized.

They will feel touched, they will perceive that the message has been specially designed for them, totally personalized, as if their mind had been read and, gently, following the song of their siren, they will slip into the cold zone where what they were looking for awaits them.

Most of them will probably take a little longer than expected, and it will be justified thanks to the good design and better functioning of your motivational buying strategy.

A design that has turned the walk from the store entrance to the cold zone into a very enriching and profitable opportunity for both parties. A success that will be reflected in each of your customers when they pass through the checkout and, of course, when they return to your store, probably sooner than expected.

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