European furniture factory that is adapting to new trends

When we say new trends, there are of course many and we will focus on just two of the most important. Trend means fashion and always has and will for all time. Pay attention: the latest trend is the rise of technology which is the key to determining the direction and success of your furniture manufacturing business in Spain.

It is true that one of the principles behind the design process is to meet the preferences and tastes of the majority, but that is not the only principle.

Maybe it used to be, but as you know life has moved on. We can’t discuss the future of furniture manufacturing or adapting to that future and the trends that arise along the way, without considering technology – technological innovation – in both manufacturing and design.

Let’s take it one step at a time, the way will be clearer if everything is in its place.

A furniture factory in Spain that can adapt to new trends must be dynamic, flexible and bold. At the same time, it must have the capacity to identify those shifts of direction, those new trends that are capable of overturning our existing production and design process.

Dynamic and flexible because dynamism, continuous change, continuous movement how life is today. A furniture factory has to be in tune with the times and also be flexible, so that it can design furniture that the market demands in function of the fashions of the moment and be ready to change direction at short notice take on fashions in other market segments because demand is no longer uniform and if it ever looks like it has become uniform, remember that it won’t stay that way for long.

Currently in these changing times, one of the trends that Spain’s furniture manufacturers most need to pay attention to is the rise of Big Data using industry-specific data.

For example: according to published data, participants at the Habitat Estrategia Empresarial Congress “Sectoral Responses in an Environment of Uncertainty” in Valencia in October 2020, thought that Spain’s furniture manufacturing industry was trending upwards.

The published conclusions of the Congress indicated that kitchen and bathroom furniture was doing particularly well within Spain, while the group saw new trends taking off in furniture for the hospitality industry.

A scenario in which manufacturers who specialised in furniture, textiles and other everyday products, were faced with a field of scarcely explored materials and designs for very specific environments and settings where space and furniture alike that offered the greatest cleanliness and hygiene had and would go on to have the leading role.

It is a good time, the pandemic strengthened the furniture industry, we must take advantage, we must be bold and dare to launch into the future, well-informed, with a good team and taking on board the need for a digital transformation that affects the furniture manufacturing industry as much as any other, both in terms of management and in the design and materials for the manufacture of furniture.

What are the specific trends in furniture design and manufacture, beyond the new, antiseptic materials that perfectly suit the times we are living in?

Well, bearing in mind that day inevitably follows night and after the storm always comes the calm, and after the complication comes simplicity, the trend is luminous and the leading players are manifold.

For anyone who had not yet realised it, space is now a priority and one of the golden rules to maximise space is functionality which is not necessarily in conflict with elegance or with vintage, which is also trending and, occasional blips aside, always will be.

This new scenario of cross-fertilisation and innovation offers a succulent banquet for the design team and even the R&DI team and, naturally, sales and purchasing teams and for customers themselves.

The feast is served, the banquet is trending.

The world is moving and Spain’s furniture manufacturers are moving with it.

Because Spain’s furniture manufacturers are ready to take on the challenge, past challenges that it has come out of stronger, reinforced and with the experience that you can only get from hard lessons have been worth it. That experience is a microscope to examine future strategies.

Spain’s furniture manufacturers have been toughened and shown adaptability in terms of strategy, operations and new technology, which bodes well for the future of those willing to stay in the game.

And really, it would be a shame to quit now, when we are holding such good hands.

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