Cutting-edge decorative accessories for living room furniture manufacturers

Interiors have been trending in recent months because one way or another we’ve all been spending a lot of time indoors lately without especially wanting to.

And now it is time to take advantage of this focus on interiors.

The time has come to do the maths and see what has made us less comfortable, what has made us more comfortable, what has increased our wellbeing and what marks the before and after of this retreat into the domestic sphere that we have been pushed into.

It is not that the trend-setting accessories were of no importance in the before. Far from it. Rather, the vast majority of us have realised that accessories are indeed really important in their own right to create and condition an ambience. The ambience that we have each longed for when we acknowledged yet again that perhaps our own home, our own living room to be precise, was not quite as cosy as we would have liked when a few decorative accessories can make all the difference to the ambience in a space.

And inevitably the decorative accessories that have gained the highest profile, are those that reflect those feelings and those repeated thoughts: as soon as lockdown ends, I’m going to redo the living room so that even I don’t recognise it.

What are they looking for? What do the high-fashion decorative accessories offer manufacturers of living room furniture manufacturers now?

There are many things, but perhaps the most important is creating a light, cosy feel, warm and bright at the same time, using neutral tones. Colour highlights can be added with accessories, but right now we need to be at ease in simple, calm environments, probably mostly decorated in warm colours like white and magnolia or light greys.

And we are not just talking about the walls or the chairs and sofas, there has to be a unified theme and accessories from furniture manufacturers to create this light, restful comforting space are key pieces that will be the highlights of both catalogues and trade fairs.

For more than a year, the living room has been the principal setting for domestic life, it has been rescued as a shared space where the family can come together, as an office or ad hoc work space that has become a little more permanent each week, and even as an ad hoc games room.

That trend is going to last more than a few months. The most innovative decorative accessories are going to redefine the living room in coming seasons.

That is why industrial-style shelving, light but tough metal structures, are in trend. Those storage spaces are see-through, with a nod to the world of work,and can be placed in a living room and look natural and elegant.

The same applies to side tables and chairs or stools for just-in-case. They are there but you don’t see them because their adaptability makes them useful for many functions other than their primary purpose.

Manufacturers of living room furniture know that no, it used not to be like that, that in each piece that it now sells in this pursuit of this turn to wellbeing, different demands have to be met that range from aesthetics and harmony or the highlighting of a space, to multifunctionality when the space is used for a different purpose without impacting the warm, comfortable feeling one bit.

Because all of this, the search for wellbeing and warm, cosy ambiances using techniques that are as minimalist as they are warm, are in trend, they are contemporary, they are leading-edge. In 2021, being leading-edge goes hand in hand with calm with no strident notes. If the body asks for calm, you have to give it calm. As we know ourselves, manufacturers have planned for transformation of this calm when needed.

That is why furniture designs are translucent, even purely structural, uncovered, so that the feeling of spaciousness, of space in which to move, is even more pleasant.

This trend, this very particular modern fashion, offers is full of opportunity as we move to a more hopeful future that the indicators tell us we will reach after a time of transition. The trend allows us to incorporate innovations and new fashions that will surprise us soon and hardly notice it because decoration for wellbeing is a great foundation on which to add the innovations of the future that follow today’s quest for calm and furniture manufacturers are getting ready to do just that.

Calm will certainly follow the storm, but we are busy creatures and new fashions and trends will surely follow.

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