Optimize the space of your decorative wood hardware shelves

Optimize the space of your decorative wood hardware shelves

How did it all start?

Which of the two made the first move?

There is no documentation to prove it, there are no more than hypotheses to express an indisputable certainty: what there is between wood and decorative hardware is, without a doubt, love.

Love at first, second or third sight. Love with a capital letter, in short, the good Love. The incredulous who have stopped believing in love and consider that everything is, at the end of the day, pure convenience; they may well wake up because, in the second decade of the XXI century, the reality of DIY stores, decorative hardware section, differs greatly from that preconceived idea.

They shouldn’t feel displaced, but they shouldn’t feel comfortable either, because we are going to plunge them into a bath of reality that will shake the very foundations of those well-established schemes.

We start by taking a look at the current trends in decorative hardware for wood and what do we find? The hottest trends, the latest and the penultimate return of the classics.

The return of those designs that are always on the best stocked shelves; those that a sales manager knows that they must always be part of their stock; those that, no matter how much many people may be put off by them, never, never go out of fashion. If the shelves could talk… What do you think they would say?

You already know that the hardware manufacturing team and the marketing and sales team are at the heart of this love story and work closely together, managing that special chemistry to distribute it properly.

A work that optimizes the space on the shelves and satisfies customers, professionals or not, who year after year and decade after decade, know that the classic decorative fittings will always have their place particularly more if the combination is with wood. The most functional fittings will be available for any emergency and that the most innovative and avant-garde ones will have their own space to show all that the sector is capable of offering.

Let’s go with the first ones, those that we now call vintage or rustic, or retro or… whatever, they are the classic, the decorative fittings that have that patina of time that everyone loves equally because they have that spark, that aura, that originality that can only be given when there is Love, good Love, like the one that exists between the decorative fittings and wooden furniture.

Vintage fittings are on everyone’s lips, they are a trend, therefore the shelves are demanding their presence. That is why it is necessary to know how to optimize their exposure to the public.

And you are very, very clear about it.

The shelves have spoken to you before and you have known how to listen to the message and the result. Decorative hardware for wooden furniture, whether it is a handle; legs to give a classic piece of furniture a new look and turn it, for example, into a piece of industrial design furniture with a personal touch, or simply a support for wooden shelves that will turn them into an absolutely exclusive shelf, any of this hardware that is the latest in design and decoration trends, will find its ideal space, both on a shelf at eye level, the irresistible space that no customer will refuse to look at; or on a shelf at hand level, where most of your customers will end up trapped.

That’s what happens when you choose the right shelves, they catch.

What about the most functional decorative hardware for wooden furniture?

Well, right at this time, it is not their moment, which does not mean that they do not have their public, on the one hand, unconditional and, on the other hand, practical. All in all, a large and loyal public, which makes these fittings products of great consumption, regardless of the trend of the season.

This is why their place is on the overhead shelves, not as easy to access as the one reserved for well-known brands or the most profitable products, but it is for products that are sure to sell and are in constant demand. And what do we do with the surprising decorative hardware? That is, those that the buyer does not expect to see easily, those with that unexpected nuance, of opportunity, which for many makes them objects of desire. Let´s say that the purchase of decorative hardware in DIY stores there are also fetishes.

We speak of those that are necessary to discover because they have double value, find something that is not available to everyone and also acquire it below its price, which is called bargain.

It does not fail, place those decorative hardware for wooden furniture on the lower level, right next to those more cumbersome or heavy products that, for security reasons, have that space reserved. Let them share it and one will be the lure of the other.

Among the lines of decorative hardware for wood furniture there are not only stories of love at first sight, there is also a lot of teamwork so that each hardware ends up finding that table, that door, that chair or that shelf that was looking for, you just have to be in the right shelf and at the right height for the meeting to occur.

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