Sustainable manufacturing of home decor accessories


At REI, we strive to make our entire production system sustainable and environmentally friendly. We work in many different areas every day to achieve this goal.


We apply the Waste Minimisation Plan, managing all solid waste through authorised managers, in accordance with Royal Decree 833/88, Royal Decree 952/97, Law 10/98 and Law 10/2000.


We follow the Integrated Management System (SIG) for packaging, recycling all the containers we produce, complying with the Packaging Prevention Plan and the Annual Declaration of Packaging and Packaging Waste, in accordance with Law 11/97 and Royal Decree 782/98.


We carry out regular air quality analyses in areas where there is a potential risk of emissions, to protect the atmosphere and contribute to reducing the carbon footprint, in accordance with Law 34/2007.


We reuse industrial wastewater with our water purification equipment. We only discharge clean, previously purified water.


We demonstrate our management regarding the non-pollution of soil by means of our Soil Management Report, in accordance with Royal Decree 9/2005.


We try to prevent noise pollution in our environment, through Acoustic Audit according to Law 7/2002, Law 37/2003, Decree 266/2004 and Royal Decree 1367/2007.


We hold the PEFC certificate that promotes sustainable forest management and the responsible supply chain for the wood we use for our production, ensuring the sustainability of forests.